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Best way to monitor battery level?

With a picaxe or arduino. Best answer gets a cookie. OK, Go!

arduino functions

Calculon is discovering the wonders of arduino programming, and he is confused with the function (subroutine) action. He defines and declares a function, but nothing happens. Behold the simplified code:

void loop(){

   goMotor;   //call the goMotor function


void goMotor(){    //activate dc motor via h-bridge



IR phototransistor

Hey LMR:

Has anyone used these?


Calculon picked up a bunch for cheap, but hasna figured out how to work it. His is an l7819, though. He's wired it up like so:


Which doesn't show any kind of result. Any ideas?

Before you ask: yes, calculon is a friend of the Google :>

splitting voltage

Greetings Earthlings,

Calculon's current project involves 2 12v motors (he's in the big-time now :)) but he'll probably have to use an 18v battery. He wonders what is the best way to power the brains AND the wheels from this.

Should he use a 12v voltage regulator and a 6v regulator at the same time? Or is there a better way to divide up the voltage?

xmos progess anyone?

Calculon recieved a note from his lovely postman indicating that he will get it on monday. :)

From what he's been able to read, he gets the impression that almost all mechanics/electronics (motor control, LED control, adc, sensor-type switches, and so on) must be handled by other ICs that communicate to/from the xmos board with serial ...

Is that right, or is there something he doesn't understand yet?

Anyone used a camera via microcontroller?

Hey All,

Calculon wonders if anyone has used a digital camera and been able to send the image as data? (serial or i2c)? Basically, Calculon wants a bot to send pictures to his PC/Webserver without having to get involved. Is this sort of thing possible with Arduino? Or perhaps XMOS?



Arduino and Serial communication

Hi All,

Calculon is thinking about jumping onto the Arduino bandwagon, but he has a question or two about serial communication:

- Can an Arduino talk to a picaxe via serial? Calculon understands that picaxe signals are inverted, while Arduino's are "non-inverted"(whatever that is). Is there a way to reconcile this difference? An inverter or something?

- Do the Arduino boards such as the Duicimillanovaililuanne have outpins that can be used for serial communication?

Calculon OUT!

Big and Cheap motors in the US

Hey All,

Calculon is laying the groundwork for a new bot that is much bigger than his existing bots. He seeks input on where he can get cheap motors that operate in the neighborhood of 12 volts.

His priorities, in order, are:

-torque (30-40 lbs)


What do you guys recommend? Windshield wiper motors? Garage door openers? Power drill motors?

Navigate, seek humans for input, speak.
So at long last, here's my latest robot project, lovingly titled OPUS. I've named him that because (a) I've been working on him for so long, and (b) he has useless … Read more

more pics of my robot

Just a bunch of pics for my project OPUSfront.jpg

Interior, minus the speakjet. You can see my add-on H-bridge, as I burned out the A/B contacts when I was trying my first robot project. You can also see the bottom of my home-made Picaxe board and it's download jack.