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not sure what a pull-down resistor is ...

let the noob questions continue:

is this a pull-down resistor?


And if so:

-Is it just to keep a pin "low"?

-would i use it on any out pins as well?


combined analog input

Ahoy me hearties!

I'm working on a bot that will have a lot of sensor requirements. It must be able to sense objects both at the top and the bottom of the frame. Since I don't want to have to keep track of 8+ sensors, I was hoping to combine some of the sensor inputs.

For example, the bot will react the same to an object sensed at the bottom as one at the top, can I combine them?

Will this schematic work? And if so, will the adc reading be a sum of both sensors, or merely the highest one?


What jack do I use to program my 'axe?

Hey All,

Is this the jack that I need to connect my picaxe to my pc? The diescription doesn't say anything about connecting ...

elmo live

Have any of you seen this little thing? I was looking at it at the store and it looks awesome. The arms and legs are flexible; you can move them around and there don't seem to be any gears. I wonder if there is some sort of "tendon" thing going on. I want to try to hack one, but at $60, that's a bit much.

I2C vs Serial

I hereby submit another plea to the robot gods out there:

I've read a lot of very informative info on both i2c and serial communication as a way for one IC to control others. My question is: which will work better for my needs?

My plan is to make a robot that has a seperate IC for each aspect of its behavior (movement, communication, etc.). So which is faster? cheaper? fewer wires? easier to program? I'm sure both have pros and cons.

Okay, go.

plays his drum, provides his own soundtrack, simple object avoidance
Using a
Update: After getting a little attention for this bot, i decided to teach him a new tune. His objectivism avoidance still needs some work, but that's really the … Read more

Op Amps - why/how?

Hi All,

I've been sniffing around the Picaxe forum for some tips/ideas, and I noticed that almost every project they have uses some sort of Op Amp.

Can anyone give me any pointers on using an Op Amp with a Picaxe?

heat sensors


After reading the new sensor wiki, I'm reminded of a robot I've been planning, that relies on temperture measurments. Basically I want the robot to act like a photovore, only looking for heat instead of light. Is there a way to sense heat at a distance (6-10 feet)? 

lmr theme song that fritz likes (aka node 9200)

here, you happy?

There are two other versions of the song here.

lmr theme song part 2

so i'm still trying to figure out how to attach a file . ..

part 2 is actually somewhat rhythmic.