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Hacking a Pot

Hi All, it's time again for Calculon's noob question of the day!!!

For today's question, I'm hacking a sound recorder that has a "tweak" feautre on it. This tweak is a potentiometer that determines the pitch of the playback. What I would like to do is replace the physical turn-the-knob with PIC outputs, so my robot can do the tweeking itself. Is that possible?


Flyback diodes

Hey all,

Fairly noob question here: Can I use diodes to allow multiple output pins to control the same actuator? In other words, is THIS possible?


GM10 pager motors and Picaxe

Hi All,

Is there a secret to getting the picaxe to power a pager motor, for example, one capable of swinging a small drumstick?

I'm working with 3 GM10s. 2 for the wheels via the L239D, and one for a "percussion actuator". The percussion actuator's not working for the controller:

The Setup:

1 gm10 wire connected to pin 4

1 gm10 wire connected to 0v

5.5 V single power supply

ANY combination of Darlington / no darlington / 330 ohm resistor / motor driver in or out

The Code:

high 4

Follows FSHPC (Fritz' Start Here Posted Code), assists in product placement
Using a
UPDATE: This project is closed. I'm using the (working) parts for a new bot. But I had a battery question … Read more

header pins/wires/jumpers

Hi All,

Where is a good place to get picaxe-friendly wires? By picaxe-friendly, I mean wires with female ends that i can just stick on the pins.

Do they make wires with a female on one end and a male on the other? what about male on both ends?

And what about the little jumpers used to short-curcuit pins on the board (like the one connecting v1 and v2 on the 28x board)?