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Just a blog for the OscarMobile build.

When Oddbot left Australia for his robot building job in China, I was lucky enough to score his collection that he couldn't take along with him. Included in this collection was the makings of a kickarse robot, named boozebot. Now after a couple of years, my wife and I have a son, and in a couple of years he's going to need a way to get around (walkings OK and all, but not much fun). So I'm using the base of OB's robot to make the OscarMobile:


Interesting vidoes - OT

Some really interesting videos www.sixtysymbols.com/
  Update: 2/7/09  I do get a bit slack doing write ups, it's just not as much fun as actually building it in the first place. But here are some details, let me … Read more

Building strapping

Im not sure what it's called, CTC can you enlighten me? But it's cheap and easy to work with. I've used it on Retro bot for the extra battery holder http://letsmakerobots.com/node/8004 You should be able to get it from you local building supplies store. Easy to bend, and cut it with tin snips.


Dekatron power supply - maybe Mr Basic related?

My entry for Mr Basic is going to be a 'retro light show bot' using nixie and dekatron tubes (wiki them). For these I need 170v for the nixie tubes, 70v for the neon bulbs and 450v for the dekatron tubes. I managed to make the 170v power supply that works well, but now I'm trying to make the 450v supply, and having some problems:



EDIT: c4 and c5 are 470nf 630v 

Breadboard limitations

Over the weekend I was trying to hookup some UHF TX/RX to do a howto on cheap wireless communication. I spent a few hours trying to figure out why it would work for a few seconds, and then stop working. After checking all the connections, all I could figure out was that if I jiggle a few wires, it would work again. From this I decided that it was a problem with the breadboard I was using. 

OK,you can read it now     "The SpeakJet is a completely self contained, single chip voice and complex sound synthesizer." This walk thru will show how to use … Read more
remote and autonomous
Using a
After pressing the wrong button and deleting my blog post, I've decided to list this as a robot, but still not complete. The original design plans look like … Read more

iSobot $100!!!!!!!!!

How can you go past this without having your wallet $100 lighter?


Been playing with my new servos and servo controller, now I just need to find my sisters dog........     go here if the video doesn't … Read more