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AXE031 servo controller - set speed?

Hi Everyone

 Can someone (frits I know you have done it) help me with the AXE031 sevo controller board. I've got it working based on the example in the instructions (http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/axe031.pdf), but I can't figure out how to control the servo speed. Any chance of some sample code?


Thanks guys.


SPE030 - anyone used one?

Has anyone had any experience with the SPE030 speech synthesizer? I just want to know what it sounds like, I've done a google search but didn't come up with anything.



Navigate around via ultrasound,
Using a
Update: new photos   Made this one while waiting for my servos from China (about 6 weeks now). I've found the tamiya tracks aren't up to the task, so I don't think … Read more

Polymorph - swaparoonie

I have polymorph, tell me how much you want in exchange of:


servo controller

ultrasonic range finder



Ant of Australia

Moves around avoiding things with the ultrasonic antennea
Using a
This is my first robot, his name is 'bugbot'.    Parts list:   Picaxe 28a started pack Tamiya dual motor gearbox - Jaycar Read more

Seperating SRF005 rx/tx

Hi All

 I got my  srf05 in the mail today and am wondering if I can seperate the transmitter and reciever and mount them further apart? I want to use them as 'ears' on my bot. Does anyone know if they need to be as close together as they are on the board? I'm thinking moving them apart may change the acoustics(right word?)?  





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