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Dynamic measurement of robot's distance from fixed point


I am interested in wirelessly and dynamically/continuously measuring the distance between my slowly moving robot and a fixed point. The robot will act in a space which will never be more than 5ft from the fixed point. Is this possible??

 Thank you very much.


Interface Arduino w/ Sharp IR sensor

I have a Sharp GP2Y0A700K0F IR sensor that I want to connect to an Arduino decimilia. The data sheet says to use (3) wires for connection (pin 1 to ground, pin 2 to voltage, and pin 4 to analog pin) but the sensor has a 5-pin housing. Should I find a 5-pin female to connect with? or is there a better way to make the connection. Please help! I have been searching for how do this interface for a while with no success....my first robot. Thank you.