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PIC xxM and PICAXExxM Series the same?

 I have been thinking of selling PIC series stuff at local Hamfests. I have seen some chips on Ebuy and are labeled PIC 08M,14M and 20M. I googled each and got a schematic for the PIC 08M easily but can only come up with PICAXE series for the PIC14 and 20M. Does PIC and PICAXE use the same software? Basic Stamp is pricy but much easier for me. I have downloaded the PICAXE manual. For me electronics is no problem.


PICAXE 18X High Power board

 I reciently got a PICAXE high power board with a built in L293D chip. This is my first PIXAXE. Does anyone know where I can download software? Also does anyone have any codes for a robot using a sharp analog sensor and servo? I am use to Parallax basic stamp and could probally figure out how to change I/O pins. I know PICAXE is popular on LMR. It is cheap compared to the basic stamp but noticed the I/O assignments on the pins are fixed.


 I saw somewhere her but forgot where. I need to make a striped stick on disk for wheels for an encoder pickup using close range IR sensors. I plan on printing them onto CD stick on labels. Any ideas?


PIC processors

  I am getting use to Parallax basic stamp and find it easy software to use. Curious about PIC processors. They have many kinds and sizes. I am interestted with as much I?O as possable and imfo on an inexpensive programming board and perhaps a proto board later. The programming language seems similar to me. What is the compairison besides price. I am not a beginner with electronics just programming. Any helpful imfo would be appreciatted. Thanks in advance.
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