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Quadcopter PWM frequency problem?

Hello Everyone,

I've started building a micro quadcopter. The main body is about 4.5cm long, and 4.5cm wide. Below is a picture.

Help with Beaglebone Black balancing robot

Hello everyone, I want to start by saying this question post might become long and I hope you guys hang on and are able to help me. So here we go :)

First of all the robot is barely able to balance. Here is a video of the robot trying to balance. The problem seems to be that the robot is not able to reach the setpoint fast enough. This is a speculation so you guys give me your ideas on what the problem is also.

Quick Capacitor Question

Hello everyone, I am designing a circuit using a LTC3588 chip and in the datasheet(page 14 bottom most picture) there is a diagram I am using to help me. In the diagram it specifies voltages for the capacitors; my question is the voltage rating of a capacitor is only to specify the safe voltage right? it won't have any effect if I use a higher voltage specified capacitor. I am pretty sure it doesn't make a difference, but I just wanted to be sure.

My product was featured on Jameco

Hello everyone,

My product was featured on the monthly Jameco newsletter.

Here is the post

and here is the online magazine 

Transistor based H-Bridge

Hello everyone I realised after burning through 6 L293D's that they were getting old. I hated them mostly due to the fact that they were fragile. I also burned 3 of them because of static electricity. So I decided to try and make a cheap H-Bridge from transistors. This is just a test circuit what I need to know is: is the circuit correct, can this type of H-Bridge handle more than 2 Amps depending on the transistors used, and do you guys have any suggested modifications if it is wrong.

Python opencv

Hello everyone I have a problem regarding python and openCV. I want to make a rectangle in the middle of a video stream I was able to do it with a static image using the PIL library 


Power Beaglebone black

Hello everyone I just wanted to know how you guys powered your beaglebone black. I have been looking online for documentation but I couldn't find anything I couldn't even find the polarity for the barrel connector. I was wondering could you power the BBB from the 5v pin on the rails like with the arduino. So could you guys tell me how you power your BBB's.

got my beaglebone black

Yay I got a beaglebone black today; so far I made it run 2 motors, blink led's, all that good stuff. The problem is I dont know what I should make with it, everything I think off I could do it using an arduino. Basically I need some suggestions on what to do with it.

My project is now a product

Hello everyone I just wanted to convey some awesome news my robot project here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/37826

is now a product here http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10001_10001_2192093_-1 just wanted to advertise it hope you guys like it if you buy it.

does DIP atmega 328 have the same fuses as TQFP

Hello everyone I just wanted to know if the TQFP version of the ATmega 328 have the same fuses as the DIP.