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Which motor is the best

On my search for a motor which suits for me I found 2 I could use ( remember i'm searching for fast motors not ones with a lot of torque 

motor 1 http://www.gizmoszone.com/shopping/agora.cgi?product=Gearmotor&user4=810series;ppinc=1g note- the first motor with the 2700 rpm.

motor 2 http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1093

Best robot motors

Hello everyone I just need your guys suggestions for the best robot motor. I need the motors to be really fast but at the same time it has to be specified to run at 6 - 9v. The only thing I don't understand is if I should get a fast gear motor like this, this, or this but I don't think they have enough torque for my use

Soldering iron/station

Well I'm in dire need of a good soldering iron/station the Soldering iron I have now is some cheap pencil style iron which rusts and turns red in 2 months, even though I take good care of them it still happens.

Eagle cad PCB help

Well I made a PCB which i want to manufacture but I dont know if its correct.

I think it looks wrong but I dont know :-).



P.S press save link as for the attachments. I attached the schematic and board file



edit: I made a new version which is neater and has no vias I need to know if I did good enough to be assured that it will work. Right now im worried the voltage dividers wont work.

funny problem with easy obstacle avoiding robot

Well I am making an obstacle avoiding robot with my friends its for a competion to win 2000 dollars. 

I programed the robot and everything It works pretty good, whenever the robot "sees" an obstacle it moves a servo with a sensor right and left and decides which way to go.

The problem is that it has to got through a course which has 11 90 degree turns I attached a pdf with rules and diagram. 

eagle cad board

So i made a atmega 328 board on eagle but I am getting some errors could you guys check it.

programming atmega328

So I am making my own board using the atmega 328 but i have some problems 

1. What is the difference between the atmega 328p and atmega328p-pu

2.I wanted to use the atmega 328 with dueminilove bootloader but I can only find atmega 328p-pu ones with uno. So would the circuit be the same and how would i program it would i use a ftdi cable or an atmega 8u2. 

3.If i used a ftdi basic what do i do with the dtr(I know dtr is to auto reset the atmega but do i just connect that to reset on arduino)

and cts pins.

best way to connect arduino to internet

Hello so my question is what is the best way to connect an arduino to the internet without an ethernet shield.

I tried using PHP but i dont get it. Like how do you use a PHP script with HTML and how to send that to the arduino

processing and arduino help


Hello, my question is what should i do if i want to send multiple variables from processing/arduino to arduino and vice-versa

I think you put it in a long string but how do you decode it. I think its like this not sure 123,456,789,100 with commas seperating them. I want to send values from different sensors from one arduino to another with xbee like shown here.



wireless charger

I have a question its not related to robotics but it is related to electronics

so I am trying to make or find a circuit for a wireless charger but thing is it is needed for low voltage like 5v

and should output 500mA. All the ones i have seen need a AC input but I need a DC input and DC output possible or not.