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does DIP atmega 328 have the same fuses as TQFP

Hello everyone I just wanted to know if the TQFP version of the ATmega 328 have the same fuses as the DIP.

Price: $8 USD
Just solder in the components and solder the flex sensors and plug in the servos and the result; a robot hand which shadows your hand. $8.00 without any components … Read more

I'm sorry

I just wanted to say sorry if I had given a bad impression to you guys. Like maybe asking to many stupid questions ,or just being plain irritating and because of my name (robotmaster18). I'm just 14 years old and might have been immature before so I am sorry. I don't know I just feel really bad like I don't belong here. 

My PCB's Are Here!!!

Hello everyone my PCB's are here, they were actually meant to make my robot more tidy as shown here (turn off the sound)

Which motor is the best

On my search for a motor which suits for me I found 2 I could use ( remember i'm searching for fast motors not ones with a lot of torque 

motor 1 http://www.gizmoszone.com/shopping/agora.cgi?product=Gearmotor&user4=810series;ppinc=1g note- the first motor with the 2700 rpm.

motor 2 http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1093

Best robot motors

Hello everyone I just need your guys suggestions for the best robot motor. I need the motors to be really fast but at the same time it has to be specified to run at 6 - 9v. The only thing I don't understand is if I should get a fast gear motor like this, this, or this but I don't think they have enough torque for my use

It's been a long time since I put up a new project, and I felt that I should from today onwards post all projects which I make since I've actually some other … Read more

Soldering iron/station

Well I'm in dire need of a good soldering iron/station the Soldering iron I have now is some cheap pencil style iron which rusts and turns red in 2 months, even though I take good care of them it still happens.

Club Jameco Entry

Well I submitted an idea for club jameco.

It's a kit which you solder and connect sensor wires and servos

the sensors are attached to a glove and are connected to the soldered board, and the servos make up the robotic hand, I designed the PCB.

The only thing I don't understand is should I include the glove and the robotic hand with the kit or should I let the person use their own glove and make their own robotic hand.

Eagle cad PCB help

Well I made a PCB which i want to manufacture but I dont know if its correct.

I think it looks wrong but I dont know :-).



P.S press save link as for the attachments. I attached the schematic and board file



edit: I made a new version which is neater and has no vias I need to know if I did good enough to be assured that it will work. Right now im worried the voltage dividers wont work.