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alarm clock


im planning to use  Serial lcd with clock upgrade as a timer in my project.unfortunetly i have a problem with the programming (serial connection)


for displaying the time  on the LCD the syntax is

init: pause 500

main :serout 7,N2400,(1)

         pause 10

         serout 7,N2400,(0)

         pause 490

         goto main



for the alarm clock syntax


init: pause 500

18 Pin High Power Project Board with Serial LCD


i'm looking to add a serial LCD for my cat feeder but is it possible when using 18 Pin High Power Project Board .if yes..how is the connection...sorry if the sound stupid but i rather ask first rather than waste money with part that doest fit.

p/s:i would also add a clock Upgarade to the board.do i have enough connection


thanks for the input

How to increase Torque and reduce speed


i'm building a cat feedar using a rotating hooper..my problem is the rotating speed of the hooper is too fast and don't have enough torque..A few suggestion that i have gather is to buy a new motor with higher ratio.is there any other way to accomplish the same result?

since i have 5 cat.. i'm still looking a way to dispense the food into 5 tray(if possible)..anyone here have any suggestion how to achieve it...Maybe using rotating tray?(but still the same problem with the motor ,not enough power)



PICAXE cat feeder


 i'm planning to built a automatic cat feeder using PICAXE microcontroller.Firstly i would like to note that i'm still beginner in micocontroller .this is my first projekt using PICAXE(normally arduino,,)...my question is how set the timer so that the servo is activated 3-4 times per day..(normally i found that the timer is only in miliseconds.)

 any help and suggestion is truly appreciated by me and my cats.thanks



Motor Driver question


i'm trying to build 'start here' robot using  arduino as the brain 2 gear motor as the driving force.one of the forumer has point out to me that i need a motor driver to control the motor for forward and reverse movement,

my question is(sorry if sound stupid) do i need 2 motor driver for the 2 gear motor or 1 motor driver is enough.and how to use this motor driver.

thanks for the help.truly preciated