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8051 programming cable

Hi! I'am begineer in microcontrollers! I have 8051 mc can anyone give a schematic for parallel or serial progammer I cant buy a universal programmer! please help! Give a schematic!

Internal Timers

Does the Internal Timers of microcontroller gets burn!

I'am using ATtiyn2313 microcontroller I blink the led by 1000ms delay but then I increased the delay by 9000000 does this burns the inetrnal timers now i'am not able to get the output and the led does not blink!


L293d and ATtiny2313

Can anyone help me to use motor driver L293d and Microcontroller ATtiny2313 to control DC motors with simple code and schematic circuit!

Please help!

led stop blinking after disconnecting the programming cable


  I'am using Atmels ATtiny2313 microcontroller. Few days ago I was able to blink led after disconnecting the proframming cable. but now after disconnecting the programming the led stops blinking!!!!!!why???

Anyone Please help me why this happen????

Plzz help me!

simple robot using AVR

Being Frank I'am new here! can anyone help me to make a simple robot. having two Dc motors a microcontroller of Atmels AVR(any series) controlled by using timers by programming for e.g:-I want to make robot which  should go straight for certain seconds then turn left then right! 

  I don't no which one  I should use in AVR series will it help by using ATtiny25 or 45 or you may tell me another one.

  PZ help me!!!