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Processing, getting an application to run on a browser.

Hi, recently got started with processing again after not touching it for about a year, and I wondered... How can I get an app to be executable on a browser? Say, you go to www.myprocessingapp.com and you can view a processing app being executed. Thanks a million.

How to make grayscales on black and white LCD?

Hi, well I've been downloading games to my calculator(yes, class is boring) And I noticed this one game, they have grayscales, various levels of gray, and I asked myself how do they do this? Since the calculator only operates at 14.7Mhz I see some interference and stuff, so maybe to make grayscales you have to turn the pixels on and off really fast with software generated PWM?

Right now I only have character LCDs, I really want to get a graphical one soon to play around with.

Oh, and I can't find the source code for the game.

"Knight rider" in C

Hi, I have this code for a night rider - like thing for a PIC16F628


#include <pic.h> 

#include <HTC.h>

#define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000    


void delay(void); 


void main(void) { 

TRISB = 0x00;

while (1) 





if(PORTB == 0){

PORTB = 1;



} else {


Reading 5 analog sensors, with one ADC pin, would this circuit work?

well, as usually I have all ADC pins used up on my arduino, 2 of them are used by i2c, and the other 4 are used, 3 for line follower, and one for sharp sensor at the front.


I need more proximity sensors, and a new line follower with 5 qrd1114 instead of 3, for maze solving.

So would this work?













[arduino] 2.4GHZ communication for less than 10 bucks.

Hi, my brother recently nagged me about getting him a wireless ps2 controller from ebay, so i did, and it works, so my idea is to tie it to the arduino, and control away!


The one i got:

Round board with eagle CAD

I want to make a round PCB to be the ''mother board'' for my round robot, but i can't quite see how to do it with eagle, i've tried using the circle tool, but all it gives me is a circular copper pour...



What's the largest autonomous land robot?

well, last night i dreamt about a really large humanoid, arms and legs where the ''arm'' of a digger











And that got me thinking of anyone has done anything autonomous in that scale, i remember this guy that did a youtube vlog, of a pretty large hexapod, but can't find it.

The cyborg name decoder









get yours here and post!

custom line follower problems[one IR led, is bright, the other two are dim]

Hi, i learned eagle basics, so as a first eagle project i made this line follower with sparkfun's QRD1114 IR detector thing.


the project is attached.


what could be wrong here?


from left to right the first QRD is dim, the middle one is bright, the last one is dimmer then the bright one, but brighter than the dim one :S