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New plastic bumper, LCD mount out of expanded PVC, will be acrylic when I get the funds for a heat gun.

haven't made my decision as to which LCD I'm using.

Reading 5 analog sensors, with one ADC pin, would this circuit work?

well, as usually I have all ADC pins used up on my arduino, 2 of them are used by i2c, and the other 4 are used, 3 for line follower, and one for sharp sensor at the front.


I need more proximity sensors, and a new line follower with 5 qrd1114 instead of 3, for maze solving.

So would this work?













Cheap PCB manufacturers in europe.

Hi, I started making my own PCB's a while ago, but since then my current pcb making requires two layers, and more smd parts, so i cant really use a shitty laser printer and toner transfer method...

I am making an insulator and all, BUT i want silk screen, solder mask and fancy coloured boards, and parts reference written on the board, so  a lot of layers, i don't want to make 1000 + PCBs, just two or three, and i would like them cheap, and short shipping time.

I was looking at olimex, and it looks pretty good, but aren't there any closer to Portugal?

thank youu.

[arduino] 2.4GHZ communication for less than 10 bucks.

Hi, my brother recently nagged me about getting him a wireless ps2 controller from ebay, so i did, and it works, so my idea is to tie it to the arduino, and control away!


The one i got:

makes your messy wires more appealing to the eye.
Hi, if you build robot, you most likely have a loads of messy wires going everywhere, well, so do I. So as a result of me being bored, i decided to start putting a … Read more

Round board with eagle CAD

I want to make a round PCB to be the ''mother board'' for my round robot, but i can't quite see how to do it with eagle, i've tried using the circle tool, but all it gives me is a circular copper pour...



What's the largest autonomous land robot?

well, last night i dreamt about a really large humanoid, arms and legs where the ''arm'' of a digger











And that got me thinking of anyone has done anything autonomous in that scale, i remember this guy that did a youtube vlog, of a pretty large hexapod, but can't find it.

The cyborg name decoder









get yours here and post!