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Converting a PIC program, to arduino C

Hi, i found this code on the net, but i need it in arduino C, i have no knowledge on it, and no idea where to start translating...

there is also this one, in basicstamp i presume...



DIY encoders for tamiya dual gearbox

Hi, Want to add encoders to my tamiya dual gearbox, since i'm using bulky opto switches, i have easy access to a gear that rotates 7 times per revolution of the wheel, i thought of making 4 holes on that gear(in a north, south, east, west orientation), reckon 28 pulses per rotation will be enough?

Price: $3.95 USD
Example with arduino here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/17694   buy here: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8653  Read more
Insert decimal numbers, dash, and star, to any of your projects
Hi, got this keypad from my local sparkfun distribuitor, but wasn't sure how to wire it up, the pins aren't in order, like on most other tutorials/examples, so … Read more

What should be the resistance between clock, and data on an I²C bus?

trying some i2c devices, though they aren't working, so i thought maybe they where shorting, my cheap multimiter reads 3kohm, is it suposed to be like this?

the device is a cheap ebay nunchuck, made myself a wiichuck adapter with vero board, though i'm measuring the resistance directly from the original socket, so it's not my homemade adaptor thats causing the probems...



i2c = PS/2?

Hi, can i connect i2c interface devices to my computer, by using the PS/2 jack?





Hi guys, this is my current project, i thought the programming would be easy, but since i havent used my arduino for months, it's not going so well, lol. Well … Read more