Let's Make Robots!
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How to use the Prop to do multiple things at the same time
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The 3AD is a 3-Axis 2G accelerometer with breakout board for only $8! Based on Freescale's MMA7455 accelerometer (datasheet) It has several convenient features … Read more
Price: $14 USD
The PRC4PP is a Gadget Gangster Platform compatible shield designed to make attaching servos and sensors a simple matter. P0-P23 have provision for … Read more
Price: $50 USD
The Pixter X Platform Module puts a PICaxe 40x2 running at 32Mhz with a 64kb EEPROM on a board that's compatible with other Platform Modules. Specs: Read more
Announces the time using your voice
Popcorn is a tribute to the time-of-day announcement service.  Here's a demo; Read more
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Propeller Powered Paxton Pinball

I thought this was pretty cool & and it's propeller-powered.  Ben Heck (Who I heard of from ripping multiple video game systems apart and putting them in smaller cases) made his own pinball machine, with the theme of 'Bill Paxton'.  It's all powered by a Propeller - he writes about starting out with a Basic Stamp, and moving on to a Prop here.  It was pretty well covered by the media.

Price: $40 USD
"...Ready for your next design that needs a little more sauce than the Arduino can offer." - hackaday The Propeller Platform Module SD includes: Read more

Looking for Feedback on PICaxe Platform Module

I've been working a PICaxe platform module.  I did a V1 a few months ago, and recently re-did it.  Here's a prototype of V2;


I've used the same power stage as the Propeller Platform sD - it's 5v @ 1.5A and 3.3v @1.5A with an extremely low dropout of 100mV.  Standard power and programming jack, and it has power indicator lights.

I need to make a few changes, so I thought I'd get additional feedback.