Let's Make Robots!
Price: $20 USD
Project Page The USBThumb is like a 'Super PropPlug' - out of the bag, it's a USB-Serial converter you can use to program your Prop and works just like a regular … Read more
Price: $16 USD
The idea of the TermBoard is to give you a more sturdy connection than a breadboard, but still give you flexibility to change wiring. It uses 16 sets of Molex® … Read more
Price: $17 USD
The Universal Adapter Board (named by microcontrolled!) is a handy little adapter to do stuff like: Connect a SpinStudio mainboard to Propeller Platform or Mobo … Read more
This is a cool little project designed by Ryan O'Hara: The Blue LED Matrix Display.  It combines a MAX7219 and a 64 Blue LED panel so you can do animations, … Read more

Propeller Platform SD, Almost done

I've been cooking up a new Platform Module - this is the Propeller Platform SD.  First the basics;

Seen on the Parallax Forums

Saw this in the Parallax forums (Thread), it's called the PropPad mini, and it's a Propeller with a nice hi-res tft display.  Looks like tripp has a few for sale, too - they're $100 which sounds pretty fair to me.




Generating video to display basic text and information
I thought I'd show how video is generated with the Propeller as an example of multi-tasking and because video is cool.  Read more

El Jugador on Giant Bomb

I thought this was pretty cool. I made a few extra El Jugadors and sent them out to the media. Giant Bomb (video game website) got one and put up their video demo.



Video here



I made Miss Princess for my 4 year old niece. She's a lot more interested in Princesses than robots, so I called it Miss Princess to trick her :) There's a Battery … Read more
PropNet is from from Brilldea (website). It's just available as a bare PCB, but I'll pick up a few boards from them and offer it as a kit. Anyway - here's the … Read more