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PIC 16f84a programmer

hey folks,

i`m looking for PIC16f84a programmer, i have already made one but it doesen`t work, can any one post one for me, please ? 

serial cable, cross, or direct ???

Hello everybody 

I have made this JDM pic programmer. but I don`t know the serial cable that I should use, cross, or direct ???

the programmer image and schematic are below :--  



motor controller

look ,iknow it`s a stupid question ,but i want to know waht is the motor controller? ,and what is its use?

replies please ...... 


what is the best program to draw schmatics ?????

huge gearedmotor

i have two geared motors but it isn`t small like normal geared motors that you use ,it`s huge ( in fact it`s a car with two geared motors one in each side ) ,so when i connect the two motors to  two 9v batteries in series it works very short time like a minute or something ,then the batteries is dead , what can i do ?????

please help.



can anybody help me i can`t program that PIC16F84A and i don`t know the best programming language to do that help please