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Racing wheel control

I got this mad idea running in my head for so long already, but I still don't understand how I can make it work. so here is the idea, I want your guys to help me out, will be great project if we can do it.

Create a PC racing wheel control with pedal via USB to PC using a Picaxe chip?

Is it possible? or am I being stupid, help guys, thx

Need help with my IR project

Hi everyone, I am new to this website, if I post it at the wrong place,please understand,sorry.

my problem here is I current working on a Infrared control car project as part of my school work, but somehow I could not get the Infrared reciver working. 


For the car control I used a picaxe 08M; For the car I used picaxe 18x with the infrared reciver (don't know the model,but this is what is behind the component '1B79 68A')