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Serial transmission and when to initialise it


 I am trying to figure out how to transmit data from one atmega to another one via IR. Oh btw i am using arduino language.

First thing i though of was setting the serial communication by using serial.begin in the setup function. I tried that and i noticed that the LED connected to the TX pin on the arduino lights up as soon as i give power to the atmega. This is not really what i wanted, cause i'd like to have the LED off when not in use.

Programming an atmega with the Arduino IDE

Hi guys.

from this post (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/5593 ) by Rudolph i learned that you can program an atmega with the arudino IDE even if you haven't got an arduino board.

What i have here with me now is an atmega328, a serial programmer (precisely this one: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=14 ).

Laser Tag and Recoil


It's me and my laser tag project again. This time you'll read about me trying to find a solution to simulate the recoil of real weapons to make laser tag more realistic and cool to play.

First part of the page will be, as usual, the brainstorming part. That means that i really do not know what i'm gonna use for the recoil mecahnism (and if i will be using one, if it gets too complicated or costly i'll just abandon this idea) so i ask you for suggestions.

 What does it have to do to properly simulate recoil?:

Power Grid (boardgame)

Hello guys,

just wanted to introduce to lmr this cool boardgame i've played a few weeks ago. It's called Power Grid and the whole point of this game is to buy power plants and give power to cities to increase you profits. I really like it because there are no dice to be rolled, opposed to the majority of boardgames.

Laser Tag Project

Hi guys.

I thought that the best thing to do to save all my progress so far about Laser Tag was to write a page in the blog, so here i am!

This first entry only deals with the various possible setups i might use for this project, i haven't made up my mind yet. I'll start by listing the most probable ones.


SETUP 1 (voodoobot)


-3 SERIN MCUs at the top, each one runs the SERIN command and as soon as they get something they tell that to the master.

Actual speed of a PICAXE

Does anybody now how many clock cycles it takes for an instruction to be executed by a picaxe? Does it vary depending on the type of instruction?

Monty Python clips!

Inspired by Totoro's bot and videos i opened up a new topic where we can post the funniest monty python clips.

Here's my first, philosophers playing football:


Picaxe too slow, how to speed up?

Hello guys. I am working on my laser tag project using a picaxe (btw if anyone's interested tell me :=) )

How to get a precise amount of voltage

Hi guys.

I am working on my ISD4002 chip and i am now going through the recording part. This is what the manual says:

"[...] a 32 mVp-p (peak-to-peak) maximum signal should be capacitatively connected to this pin for optimal sound quality"


My question is: how can i be sure the right amount of voltage is gonna enter that ANA IN+ pin? I am also not sure how to measure the source voltage (coming from the "line out" hole from my computer).


transmit data via wires or IR from and to an MCU (Picaxe)
  (Notice: this walkthrough is going to be updated as i don't have time ATM to make videos and photos, so stay tuned!)   INTRODUCTION:  Hi guys, here's what i … Read more