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Picaxe - UART

Some questions about UART

Does picaxe have a UART module or can it be attached to it?

What are UARTs normally used for?

What's the difference (if there is difference) between the way picaxe gets the software from the pc and the way a picaxe would communicate via UART?



IR transmission

Hi guys!

some years ago i found a site talking about laser tag and i really liked it. but since i play airsoft and i like realism much, i didn't like some aspects of this module (some unrealistic things that i wasn't quite fond of) but now that i am learning how to make bots and use PICs i thought: why can't i try to make a module of my own?

making a laser tag shooter involves of course using an IR emitter and receiver (since there's already a post on receivers i'll only ask about the transmission)

Making a light sensor with a photoresistor. Possible?

Hi guys, i've just read this article from SoR http://www.societyofrobots.com/schematics_photoresistor.shtml

i was wondering if this could also be done with a picaxe. the article talks about measuring "the voltage drop across the resistor with the analog port of your microcontroller". Do you know if/how i can do that? And also, can i really make it a sensor? (attach it to an input port and receive values from it).

high outpin for a long time

hi guys. 

i want to make my robot switch on its lights when  he encounters a dark room. i know how to do this (components i need, how to wire em up .....) but this is not i want to ask you. My concern with it is the following:

if i make such a circuit and attach it to an output pin on my picaxe, i'll have to keep that pin "high" for the whole time the robot goes around.

is that gonna drain out my batteries quickly?

if the led is not switched on (no current flowing in it) is it still gonna drain my batteries?


Led (anode/cathode recognition)

here's the led i bought..  the lenght of the two 'bars' (don't know their name in english) and the fact that the capsule is flat on  its right side make me believe the one on the left is the anode, but then i checked it inside...i haven't seen leds like this one but i haven't seen many of them (usually the widest part is linked to the cathode). so which one is the anode? (my guess is the left one)


What music do you listen to?

Just wondering.... 

i listen to:

the who, pink floyd, blue oyster cult, guns n' roses and other rock songs...

Robot Flash Game

hi guys i was thinking of making a flash game which involves the use of robots.

I really don't have many ideas for it, i just wanted to know what you think about it, whether it is junk or could be a good idea. Maybe it could also be a way to publicize this site... 

 Let me know what you think of it, and in case you think it's a nice idea why not giving a hint or two about how it shoud be made?


Resistor for Servo!

hi guys!!

i have just joined the forums, how cool!

anyways.. i wanted to ask you guys a question about resistors. I already gone through all the "start here" page and when it talks about the servo it also says i need to apply a 330 ohm resistor to my board (since i don't have the "yellow thing").

but when i went to the shop the other day i found that they were selling various resistor according to W values. for example i found the 330 ohm resistor with 0.25W , 0.5W and so on.... but i don't actually know which one to use.