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What are stepper motors???

I have used geared motor,servo motors in my projects but i really want to know what are stepper motors how are they different from other motors

what is:

1.Unipolar stepper motor

2.bipolar stepper motor

what is their power requirements

Sumo Robot

I am working for the Sumo robot with remote control using accelerometer in a remote.

  i want to use rf module in the sumo robot

  i have made the robot but the remote section is giving the problem accelerometer.

  the motor dont turn when i use X,Y Z axis

 do any one know about a robot using an accelerometer as a remote..


How To Program a AVR Atmega16a


     As i have used arduino and different Atmega.But now I have brought an AVR Atmega16a.I have no idea how to program an AVR.

and which software to use to compile the program.if anyone knows the easy way to program let me know.and can we use a parallel port programmer to an Atmega16a. And is Atmega16a comes with BOOTLOADER.


Thank you.

how to make object detection sensor?


    I have succesfully made my first robot and now want to add an object detection and line following sensor. Which is the best sensor  for object detection and line following .Or somthing that can be home made.