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Where do I hook the speaker up?

So I ordered a original Gameboy off ebay a few days back, but after I ordered it I realised that half the screen didn't work. Pooey. Anyway, so since it was just a couple bucks, I figured I'd use it for parts.

I just de'soddered' a bunch of components, yay, one of which being the speaker. So I hooked it up to a battery to see what would happen, and I got a couple little scratches, which means it works.

Anyway, so I want to hook it up to my picaxe so I can play with it, which I have yet to do since I don't have all my pieces yet...

Recommend a wire stripper please!

So I'm on the market for a wire stripper. I'm looking online, and my god are there a lot of them.

I could get a gigantic heavy duty one that does every kind of wire I will ever see, and makes toast too, or I could get a simple one with a smaller guage range that doesn't make toast...

I'd love to get some recommendations.

WowWee Robotics

You know, I really like their line of little bots. I was at Walgreens and they had the Mini Robosapien for $10, so I grabbed him up and he's now hanging out on my desk.

I like their model of using pretty standard sensors and things in fun and interesting ways. They've got some pretty innovative ideas going on.

Motor going backwards?

So I bought myself a couple of motors today at Radio Shack, however I'm not exactly sure how they would work to go backwards.

I'll be hooking them up to my picaxe once my motor controller gets here, but until then I'm just playing with them on my breadboard.

Does the controller change the current in order to make the motor go backwards? My motors only have two hookups, positive and negative, none for sending a signal to it.

Here are the motors I got:

Keeps you from looking everything up time and time again
Here is a cheat sheet that I'm working on putting together. This wasn't meant to be professional quality, just something I can look over at instead of having to … Read more

Arduino Vs Picaxe

So my first board will be a Picaxe, just to make my first bot easy to follow along the "Start Here" tutorial with, however I hear good things about the Arduino boards.

What is your experience with either, and why do you choose what you choose?

Thanks guys.

If you have trouble when soldering, attaching wires, whatever, this might be the perfect solution. I'll be building one of these myself in a few weeks so I'll be … Read more

Need a 10-pin Header

Does anyone know where I could find a 10-pin header as shown in the "Start Here" tutorial?

AXE030.jpg The pins on the right is what I need. I opted to just buy 330 ohm resistors instead of buying the servo upgrade for the Picaxe, and I'm unable to find the pins, which I'm gathering are called "headers". If I'm wront (which is likely) help me out with what they are called please.


Price: $15 USD

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Hide & Seek Robots

So, I'm just getting into robotics, but I think this is a fun idea to play with.

My first robot will of course be one of the simple robots people post around the net, but for my second, I'll take the basic knowledge I've garnered and put it towards a pair of bots aptly named, "Hide and Seek".

One will be the hider, and one the seeker, again named in order, "Hide" and "Seek". They will probably end up using something like the Pololou IR Beacon.