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Port problems on dsPIC33FJ128MC802

I have a problem that is driving me nuts. I am sure, that there is someting I just don't get, but can someone please tell me what?

 That setup is a dsPIC33FJ128MC802 which I try to program in C.

I have the following code (Let's assume that everything is setup and all ports are digital and outputs).

If I write this in my code:

PORTA = 3;

and take my measure thingy (danish for multimeter, I can see that Port a0 and a1 is high as expected. If I single step using the PIC simulator, I can see that PORTA is 0000011.

If I write this in my code:

SRF05 on 3.3V


Has anyone tried to run the SRF05 ultrasonic rangefinder on 3.3V? 


Embedded videos

After I upgraded my fireforx to firefox 3 on my Linux box, I can't see the embedded videos on the site. If I view the source and grab the video url, I can go to youtube and watch the video. But not here. There is not even a placeholder box or anything. Itøs like no videos are embedded. Any suggestions?

Firefox 3

Type "about:robots" in the address bar in the new Firefox 3...
This is an attempt to build a walking biped with only 4 servos, since that's what I have left right now. Since I don't have any video recording equipment right now, … Read more

Runaway robot


Text is in danish, sorry. It's about a danish shop that bought an iRobot vacuum cleaner. On the first day they put it to work in the shop and left it to its job. After a while, the shopowner asks if anyone has seen the robot. Nobody has seen it and it turns out that it's gone. They suspect that it has run out the backdoor, which was left open by mistake, and nobody has seen it since. 

To be or not to be...

...home at the right time. When I got home today after a shopping trip, there was a note from the postman saying they were here twenty minutes before I got home. With a package that I know contains the servos I ordered. And I can't get my hands on the package before monday... :(