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Datalogger Description This little program can be used during the development of robots or other electronic devices. It can display a graph based on input from a … Read more

serial communications

I need an idea to solve a small problem. When I communicate with the picaxe using sertxd and serrxd, I can send data from the picaxe to the computer with sertxd and the computer will put the data in a buffer, so I can read them, when I have the time. The problem is, that there apparently isn't such a buffer on the picaxe, so if I want to send data to the picaxe, I have to wait until the picaxe is at the serrxd command, before I send.

Difference in motor speed

I have build a robot out of old LEGO bricks, since my gearbox and tank tracks haven't arrived yet. I have used the standard one-motor-per-wheel-in-the-front-and-one-small-wheel-in-the-back-design. My problem is, that the two motors aren't running with the same speed, so my 'bot is turning to the right all the time. I have considered putting a resistor on the fast motor to make it slower, but would like to ask, if any of you have any other solution to this problem? The best solution would be some sort of sensor on the motor to tell the speed and let the CPU adjust the speed.
Right now, just drive ahead
Using a
This is my first robot. It can't do much now, but drive ahaead, since there are no sensors on it yet. It's a simple robot made from a Tamiya Twin gearbox and some … Read more

At last!

My package from USA arrived today. It contains the Tamiya dual gearbox, some tank treads, wheels and other stuff. Now I just need some time...

Fun with LEDs

About time I post something here... :)

I have been experimenting with an alternative use for LEDs. What most people don't know is, that part from emitting light, LEDs can be used as light detectors. To try this, use a picaxe 28x1 or other picaxe that has ports that can be used as both output and input.  I have connected a standard green LED (the detector) with anode to port c1 and cathode to port c0 with no resistor on either pins. Also, I have a stanard red LED (indicator) with a 330ohm resistor on the standard output port 0 and GND.