Let's Make Robots!


My wheels arrived. They're too small! *sob*

In the virtual, matrix like world inside my head, 3 inches is alot bigger than in reality..

Here are the motors:

Stepper Motors

And compared to the wheels: (!)

 Motor Vs Wheel


Balancing control. Tilt angle / rate sensing.

I have read here and elsewhere of different techniques of estimating tilt angle, rate of change of tilt angle.

Many of these use a combination of an accelerometer and rate gyroscope. There is also extensive use of Kalman filtering with both of these sensor types.

I may be a little naive, but I think this could be over complicated.

Surely a single accelerometer can be used to derive the instantaneous angle of a body and also the rate of change of angle? 


Hello there.


Sorry about the test blog. I am very pleased to have found this website. It has actually motivated me to get along with my robot project. There are some very cool designs on this site too. 

I am going to add a list of the major components to my robot page now. 


Nice to meet you all.