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How do you tell if a PicAxe 14m is bad?

I tried downloading my program to a picaxe 14m.  Now all pins show 4.5v, no matter what program I load. I did a firmware check and it says it loads a new program, but nothing changes.  How do you tell if the chip has gone bad?  The error probably lies somewhere between the seat and the keyboard, I know...just need to know which error.


Ethical Bots?

I found this article to quite interesting, though I don't think we are quite there yet.



Problem with SparkFun PicAxe USB programmer cable

Ok, got to the point where it's time to start coding and I got power to everything that needed it and started installing the drivers needed for the Picaxe programmer cable. Well to no avail. If anybody has an idea a walkthrough it would be appreciated.



A few 130 size 6v motors to swap, direct replacement for tamiya 130 size 6v motors

I have a few size 130 6-12v motors to trade. If you are using tamiya products that use the 130s, and want to use a L293D or it's equivalent. I'm looking for all kinds of things to trade. Email me offline to discuss things. If you don't want to trade they are $2usd each + $5usd domestic only. International orders please email for shipping quote.



Self Diagnostics?

Does anybody know if it can do self-diagnostics or know of a way to do it on the arduinos?

My BGMicro order is in the mail

Woot! My order just shipped! Even got the substitutions in that I asked for this morning, BGMicro rocks!  I had an epiphany last night while I was going over some data sheets and made a change to the circuit diagram for the drive board and so needed my order changed and BGMicro came through for me.  I dumped some chips that I was going to use and had them substitute a HC595 for them.  Leo will drive again soon because I ordered a few L293Ds for him too,

Stall Detection

Ok, here's my problem for you guys.  How do you use a MCU(Arduino, PIC, Stamp, etc) to detect if the bot has a motor stalled on it. I know it can be done, because I've read about bots that are bumperless and detect which motor(s) are stalled for collision detection.  Yes, I know you measure the amps that the motor is pulling, but how do you use the microcontroller to do it?