Let's Make Robots!

Self Diagnostics?

Does anybody know if it can do self-diagnostics or know of a way to do it on the arduinos?

My BGMicro order is in the mail

Woot! My order just shipped! Even got the substitutions in that I asked for this morning, BGMicro rocks!  I had an epiphany last night while I was going over some data sheets and made a change to the circuit diagram for the drive board and so needed my order changed and BGMicro came through for me.  I dumped some chips that I was going to use and had them substitute a HC595 for them.  Leo will drive again soon because I ordered a few L293Ds for him too,

Found the correct motors for Leo

Well found the correct motors for Leo, less than a $10 fix, actually $7.16 before S&H. Polulu.com wants another $10.95 for S&H.  I don't mind paying for S&H but would rather wait till I ordered more than the S&H is going to be.  I might get a few extra motors to put on the swap board and see what I can get for them.  $20 for 4 motors, or $30 for 15 motors, you do the math and see what you come up with.

Stall Detection

Ok, here's my problem for you guys.  How do you use a MCU(Arduino, PIC, Stamp, etc) to detect if the bot has a motor stalled on it. I know it can be done, because I've read about bots that are bumperless and detect which motor(s) are stalled for collision detection.  Yes, I know you measure the amps that the motor is pulling, but how do you use the microcontroller to do it?


Got an accelerometer

Well got a Mesmic 2125 for Leo, actually at Radio Shack no less. I hooked it up to his MCU and was looking at the output stream. It's going to be interesting trying to integrate the accelerometer output into his code to make drive in a straight line. I'm going to have to make a sampling routine, because he'd act schizophrenic if he acted on each byte of data. Hitting a bump can change his pitch and roll drastically.