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Weird error...

What would cause this:


PING))) and Picaxe 18 (here we go again)

I have read and researched how to connect the PING))) and Picaxe 18 together. I don't need to know the code to write, thats easy enough to figure out once you have made the connections. What I NEED to know is how to connect the two things together? Believe me, I have RTFM, I have researched everywhere online, and I have read Datasheet after Datasheet, and all I have have found is a lot of people arguing about why and why not.

This is extremly frusrating. I am about to throw the Picaxe 18 away.

Sharp GP2D120 vs SRF05

Hi everyone,

I just completed the "Start Here" robot. I used a Sharp GP2D120 for the eyes and I used Fritsl's programming for the "Start Here" robot. I do not have any experience with programming but once I get this robot done then I will be able to learn more.

I have noticed that the robot is very slow, i.e.: It drives a little forward, then stops, and takes a reading, repeat. I assume this is because the robot is stopping to take a reading. If that is correct, then the SRF05 is better because it can take readings without having to stop the motors?