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28x2 on 28x1 starter pack. Ok right?

I still am affected by the Version 3 timing bug of 28x1 and I would like to upgrade to 28x2. Its looks like the pins are the same on both. Is it possible to use the 28x2 chip on the 28x1 starter pack?

Picaxe user porting to arduino. Advice?

I started on Basic Stamp 2 and made BOE-Bot then ported to picaxe and made my robot Lexi. After a lot of months of rest from my robots all together I think I would like to try arduino next. I have been using 28x1 starter kit but now it seems like its giving a lot of trouble. I have some experience with servos, motor, sensors and essentially regular wheeled/tracked carpet robots.

Laptop audio to five earphones

I don't know much about electronics but has quite a lot of experience with microcontrollers(Picaxes and BOEs), beginner inputs & outputs and soldering.


QRD1114 on picaxe too slow for wheel encoder...

I am trying to use QRD1114 in trying to encode wheel rotation. Even at the slow speed the QRD1114 can't detect the dark and white strips on the wheel fast enough. My setup is like the one on HVW (>here<) with some changes on the circuit. I have 4.8V rechargeable battery for the V+, and I changed the resistor values to make it detect dark and white. The 10kohm to 420ohm and 330ohm to 220ohm. It sends a high when white is in front and low on black but its too slow. Is everything wrong?
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Using a
I just finished the new hardware on my Lexi(Boe-bot on picaxe). After I created the code I will enter Lexi on LMR Olympics: Archery. I always wanted to equipped … Read more

Help on SRF05 for basic stamp..

I bought SRF05 and can't make it work on the basic stamp 2.. I am planning to make a robot with picaxe using this sensor. I can't start working on my 2nd robot unless I understand why the SRF05 can't work on BS2. Can anyone help me?


The Code I used is from SRF04(here): http://www.acroname.com/robotics/parts/R93-SRF04p.pdf

>I tried the echo and trigger separate but I can't achieve accuracy.. e.i. if i put my hand 1-1.5 feet in front of the sensor it detects 0 distance and if i don't it can see the wall 51 inch away.