Let's Make Robots!

Andreas “AndreasHjulsager”

Hey, my name is Andreas, I live in Denmark, and i'm 16 years old. I've been a guest on this website for a long time now and decided I want to become a member of this great community :D

I'm going to a science highschool, first year, with mathematics, biotechnology and fysics as my majors. Else in my sparetime, I play a little soccer, but it's only for fun, having good friends and learning something about my body. Things as how the bodies functions are, so I might can use them to my upcoming robots.

Engineering have allways fascinated me! Such as how a RC-car can drive when I switch on a little plastic box. How LED's glows, and how they make them glow on right time.

"Engineering is not work, it's a game! :D"