Let's Make Robots!
My newest bot. I hadn't had time to build one recently, so I MADE time. Heh. Not too much to say about the little guy. I scavenged the tracks/base off of a toy … Read more

Ping and motors

Hello all.

I am using the makey code (will post below) and am having some issues. Specs:

Arduino duemilanove

Parallax ping sensor

9g mini servo

random rc tank base

homemade l293 H bridge

4.5v to the bridge


RC receiver help

Hello all.


I have a controller and RC board from an old rc car with tank style steering. I was playing around with getting it to control one of my bots, but i cant seem to get the wiring right. I'm pretty sure that i have the wires to the motors right, but i think i may be missing a wire. i can only get one wheel/tread to go in one direction at a time. There are four wires that correspond to 2 different points on the controller board. if i remember right, i am the one that soldered the wires. MB1, MB2, MA1, MA2. Then there is a VCC2, and a Ground. 


Navigates using ultrasound, flashes led lights
Using a
I had a great deal of questions before diving into this project. We all have our little preferences in how things should be. I first focused on choosing the right … Read more

Robot gutless and slow....

Ok, so I finally got him put together, and it turns out that he doesnt move worth a damn.... I cant figure out what I did wrong. The tamiya twin motor is set for low range, but it still shouldnt be THIS slow... turning is almost impossible for him... Even on smooth flooring.... I shot a quick video for you all to see and hopefully help me figure out what is going on...


maximum weight tamiya gearbox?

What would be the maximum weight i could put on the tamiya twin motor gearbox without stripping gears or roasting my motors? I've found out that my base is going to be a bit heavy......


Also, does anyone know what the dimensions of the gearbox are? LxWxH? any help appreciated. thanks.  

Modifying source code (IR instead of ping)

So I have finally found a code that seems like it is going to work from this node:



However, I want to use a sharp IR sensor instead of the ping, as the sharp is cheaper and im on a strict budget for this project. I have no idea how to change the code, as I am just beginning to learn the language. Can anyone help me out? Here is the source code from that node:


Code Repository!

Can we get everyone who has got their code to successfully run to post their files here? Ive been looking all over the site for a central area for code, and I cannot find one. If there is one, point me in that direction, if not, lets all start posting here!

Try not to paste lines of code here, lets keep it clean. uploaded files only please!


Name of code,

What it's for

File (zip or IDE compatible file)


What do you guys think?