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Voltage regulators in parallel

Hi guys, i'm planning to make a robot which requires 12V,5V and 3.3V power lines regulated from a approx. 15V battery.Would it work if i used 3 voltage regulators(one from 15 to 12V,one from 15 to 5V and another one from 15 to 3.3V) connected in parallel? Or is there another way of getting 3 different regulated voltages from one power source (the 15V battery) thanks. 

picaxe programming: L293D driver

Hi,does anyone know how i would program a picaxe 28x1 chip so that two DC motors being driven by an L293D chip can run? I realise the L293D chip is connected to 4 picaxe inputs but how would i make the motors move forward and backward?

Picaxe code: digital inputs

Hi, im using a picaxe 28x1 chip and i'm not sure if its possible to use all input pins(including analogue0 -3) as digital inputs. if yes,does it mean i would program saying for example: (for analogue0) if pin2 = 1 then....

PIR to PICAXE interfacing

Hi everyone. I am thinking of making a robot which uses 3 PIR sensors RAPIDONLINE 61-1516  to detect and track objects emitting thermal energy.Do you think using a 9V battery this would
work?in terms of power consumption and stuff like,considering i would be using 3 of these PIRs and other sensors like microphone,buzzer etc.