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some stuff are in pounds

i am doing a start here robot and went to the page. i clicked "you can get it here" thing. but the Picaxe 28x1 starter pack (usb), L293D motor driver, and the picaxe servo upgrade pack were all in pounds! so it would be AWESOME if you would give me a link. thanks!

just walks around aimlessley...
Using a
this is a plan/design/idea/i don't know what i am doing. this is my very first robot plan. so if you could help me in any way please do. i am planning on using a … Read more

How do you make a line follower?

i just want to know how to make a line follower, like the equipment needed. if there is a walkthrough, please give me the link. if there isn't, can you tell me how or give me a link to a site that does?




i am FINALLY starting my project!!!! i am gonna order them soon. If it wasn't for this site, i wouldn't be interested in robots at all. *GASP!* thanks guys!