Let's Make Robots!

robots reacting to sound

I've spent most of today daydreaming about the possibility of modifying the 'start here' robot to include some kind of sesiivity to sound.

 My idea is to have 2-4 microphones around the robots body.  When the robot hears a sound, he compare the levels between the sensors, and turns to face in the direction of the strongest level.

 this way you could clap to draw your robot's attention, and make him act a bit more like a living thing.


That's the idea...now the technical side....how do i interface a number of microphones to the PICAXE's analogue inputs?

Movement-sensitive switch

Hi Guys,


I was recently rummaging about in my parts bin and i cam across this thingy:

switch This used to be part of a toy i had as a kid, which was a spinning top that would start to play music and flash lights when it was spun.