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bluetooth com and processing language rig

These are the source files related to the setup I mentioned in CTC's post about wireless serial com.


Reposting info on the setup just for ref.

Alrighty, ctc, got the rig working. The setup is the following:

<ir beacon> transmitting byte sequence from 1-9

<relay station> picaxe 8m with ir receiver showing correct data in the debug window.

Transmitting the byte sequence received from ir beacon via bt to my desktop running the processing code.

Modifying picaxe8 proto boards to fit your needs.

Since my projects contain a lot of 08m procs, I decided a while back to grab a couple of the proto boards for for fun and experimentation. With these boards I also wanted to be able t o reuse them after doing some experimenting with them as we all know desoldering can be a chore.

So here are a couple of ways I'ved moded the proto boards.

1. Choped the proto side off of the board, added a set of male header pins and rewired the power lines. Also used the proto side of the board for a 6+v to 5v regulated via ldo reg.

Arduino gmail/rss notifier

alrighty saw this and thought it looked pretty damn cool


They are using the bbb arduino board as well.

Arduino and TSL230R ic light sensor


Found this great article(via the sparkfun site) on using a tsl230r light sensor with an arduino.

The guy actaully uses  a slick way to measure the pulses. This could be useful for other projects as well. 


As a side, the light sensor mentioned can be picked up at local radio shacks, for those of us that have them around. I think they are just a couple bux. Very worth getting.

For the bbb The Bare Bones Board is an Arduino-compatible board (Freeduino) that implements the functionality of the Arduino Diecimila, on a smaller … Read more

Serial Arduino

 Heya folks,

I've been considering getting into the arduino and wondered if any one had any thoughts on this initial setup.

I was looking on sparkfun and found this.


saves versions of files during dev process of code
Source control is an important part of development, whether it be for a website, a major application, or robot instructions/thoughts because you never know what you … Read more

Circuit board 90% complete

So this is the first pic when it was about 50% complete, with the picaxe adapter mounted. The jumpers next to the adapter are used to select which picaxe to use when programming. 


The next image is with the pwm circuit that I had worked on, mounted on the main circuit board.

The 08m(empty socket at bottom right) controls the motor pwm control circuit.

The 14m(top center) sends signals to the motor pwm control circuit.

main board updates

update so far.

I've almost finished with the main circuit board. After some consideration, I stuck with the dual 08m and 14m setup.