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while waiting for some parts

while waiting for some parts, I've got some little sensor that I'm trying to figure out how it works.

 It's part of the bigger project. the sensor is part of the waypoint navigation system that I'm working on.

LHC starts up tomorrow

The large hadron collider gets it's beam on tomorrow....can't wait to see what happens....or doesn't.  :)




Less to do with robotics, but still, something that maybe a few might be interested in. 



components that I'm working on at this time -

So these are a couple of the parts that I'm working on. As mentioned in the original bot post, these are the camera side of things. I'm just waiting on parts(arriving friday!) before proceeding with this gear.



--[Areas that I'm going to be focusing on]--

-Steering setup

transmits video, uses multiple types of sensors for navigation
Using a
Alrighty, so this is the slapped together voodoobot(not running just yet). I'm working on a possible conversion to a tracked version(using vex track kit) for ease … Read more

robot tank from the 80's

Hey all,

 Just thought I'd throw this out there as this was something we had back in the day(80s). A fine specimen to see how it was done back then and how simple it was as well. This was something that was sold on the market for big bux....it's pretty amazing that we've come to the point where we can make these things(or something simlar) ourselves. 

It had a simple instruction control and no object detection. 

 It would be an interesting base if you can get your hands on one...


potential platforms

So I started doing a search of toys, mainly rc, to use as a base platform for a random project. I wanted it to also includ some features that would be useful or have at least some potential, and I came across this little gem. 


An Rc car, with a video camera and receiver display. Mind you the range and all might suck, but it does have potential for at least shortrange use.

Cubloc, Anyone seen or used this mcu?

 I stumbled on this while looking at the phanderson.com site.

 This looks like a nifty little proc with quite a few features. Anyone seen, heard of, played around with, or have any general info on this mcu...


Foam dart shooter


This thing looks awesome, but just a bit pricy. Does anyone know if any else makes something similar?? and cheaper???