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Google plus hangout Saturady afternoon 3pm PST.

Heya LMR folks,

I'm thinking of having a G+ hangout session tomorrow around 10am pst(I'm in California), 1pm est, UTC -7(I think).

If you want a gmail invite, send me a request by 9:45am and I'll send in invite your way and have a gmail account I can send it to.

I was thinking of just shooting the breeze, talking about bots, projects, and just general stuff.

maybe it'll be something, maybe it'll be just me some ambient noise....we'll see!  :)


Edit: modified time.

Capacitive touch board for TI Launchpad MSP430


Just a note that this is a pretty sweet device and worth it for the price. Hell, the launchpad alone is worth the price considering it's utiility and fun aspect. I picked up two of these and just played around with the default app, when I have more time, hoping to make it useful and do stuff(control motor speed or something like that.)


How to use HPWM for picaxe chips.

This information is based on the chip that is used for the 20x2(PIC18F14K22) To get a better understanding of the modes, I suggest referencing this datasheet for further information on the chips features. IMages and info are referenced from both the picaxe 2 manual and the PIC datasheet for the above mentioned chip.

HPWM, what is it?

Ardunio - The Documentary

That you guys might like this....   :)

This is a great one to watch running at about 28 minutes, very impressive and a great story behind what we find in so many of our robots today.

Arduino - The Documentary

SeaSwarm MIT project to clean up gulf oil spill


Now the next thing they need to work on is a swarm to clean up the great pacific garbage patch....

Book recommendation: Vehicles: Experiments in Synthetic Psychology

This book was recommended by one of my coworkers. It was something he read a while back when studying electronics and robotics several years back. After looking at the book, I have to say, I think this could be something a lot of folks might be interested in here.

Here is the description for the lazy...  :)

Closeout sale on parallax RFID reader at RadioShack(US only)

This might be a location to location thing but I found my local RS had several at the great price of 9.97.

Doing a search on google shows other people have found this deal and picking them up where available.

This is from the parallax forum mentioned it as well.

I'm considering going back to RS to pick up another one or two.(I want to save some for others...though some folks seem to be just buying them all.....  :/

pretty cool fountain

Found this while surfing the interwebs. Thought it was interesting and I'd share it with ya's folks

It uses some common components(well, aside from the uv leds that aren't available at your local hobby shop)and a pic.

 Now just makes me wonder how to do something like this...code wise.