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SF order on it's way[shipped!]

Since it's been a while since anyone has posted on this forum, just thought I'd post something.

Finally put my order in thats been in the cart on that fateful freeday. added a couple extra things to it as well since I have a mini project going.

Opted to get the polulu trex motor driver as well since my hbridge attempt has yet to work(though I haven't tried to trouble shoot it for a while) .

Got a couple of 20x2's to see what they are like and since they had some sweet hw access. Grabbed a couple of atmel 2313's since they have built in uarts.  

How to hook up two serial outputs to one serial input

Hey all,

 So I'm working on a project where I'm using two processors and one of the things that I want to do is use one bluetooth device and have two microprocs communicate with it or send data through it. Of course this is not at the same time.

One chip would be the main com device, the other would send stored data when instructed to. I don't want to use one device as a passthrough as this would seem a little inefficient. so I came up with a schematic of what I think might work.

amarino - a toolkit to connect android(google phone) devices and arduino MCU's

I'd been looking into doing something like this myself....luckily someone has already done it.



servos, ir, or proc speed causing issues with serout on a picaxe?

I'm a little confounded with an issue that I'm having. The setup I'm using is a Picaxe 08M with the following components connected, BT tranciever(uses two pins for i/o), a servo, an ir receiver, and the latest addition, a serial lcd display(connected to pin 0). 

Basically all of the components work except for some funkyness with the serial lcd. It appears to get garbled data when I use it on the axe with the above mentioned components.

Xmos XK-1pin location observation

Heya LMR Folks.

 I wanted to post this out of concern for the people working with the XK-1 and the actual pin layout vs the hardware manual  pin layout so as to avoid confusion and potential damage to the board if you plan to use the power pins(or any of the pins like the rx/tx pins) related to the jtag ports.

The issue is related to the pin 1 location on the board vs the location specified in the HW manual.

Question for you 3.3v proc users

Heya fellow lmr folks.

Robotics in movies....or at least in an upcoming movie

So this is related to the technology behind a new movie thats coming out. This was originally found on robots.net, a site I highly recommend checking out if you have never heard of it.

I was actually pretty impressed with what they had to show and how far along in the way of robotics we've already come.

In a way this movie reminds me of Ghost in the shell. 

Embedded: "Real men(and women) program in C"

A great link on the use of c in the embedded technology world.