Let's Make Robots!
Price: $5.3 USD
Polycon 60C is the equivalent to polymorph available in South Africa only. For all other areas I Recomend Polymorph from Dagu. R40.00 per 100 Grams Larger amounts … Read more

Clean navigation using IR sensor

Anyone willing to give me a hand with this code please feel free to jump right in.

I have spent any hours trying to get this to work. I sure have gotten closer but the bot seems to get stuck n reverse for whatever reason. He will stay in reverse untill i bring my hand close to the sensor and then move it away very quickly.

He then continues forward. Sometimes it seems like he wants to turn toward the object he sees

Picaxe 28x1 with sharp GP2D12

I have made many changes to Fritsl's code, Some changes I understood and others I did not.



Runs around sees things and avoids them and perhaps makes some robot noises via a speaker
Using a
Hi everyone. I am Giovanni Izar. I am brand new to robotics and this will be my first attempt at making one. Read more

My very first attempt at robotics

Its my version of the "start here" robot.

Its a Picaxe 28x1 Microcontroler driven 2 wheel robot that is guided by infra red sensors.

So far I have a box of wrong parts. An Assempled Picaxe 28x1 using a single 330 ohm resistor instead of the yellow chip.

The wheels were made by myself and mounted on a Tamiya Four speed double gearbox assembly.

All My photos can be seen on my website www.izars.com/robo

I will be using a GP2D12 ir sensor which is not recomended.