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wen it is done i would like it to avoide obsticals and chase the cat to
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so this is my first robot it has (4 servos)  3 for three legs  and 1 servo that will rotate the ir range finder a arduino for the brain. it is no ware near done … Read more

arduino robot questions

hi will i have being wanting to make a robot for a long time and finally got the cash together to get the parts and whatnot so i have an arduino duemilanove micro controller, 4 full rotation servos and 2 sharp ir range finders one 4cm to 30cm range and one 10cm to 80cm i want to make a 3 legged walking bot a bit like swashbot2 but autonomes but being that this is my first bot i thort i would start with a simple 2 wheel ir range finder sort of thing anyway i have a few things i would like explained to me