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Absolute Simplest Blob Detection on PC with WebCam

Hi There,

We need to know the absolute simplest way to do blob tracking using a windows pc. 

We are building a robot that seeks and collects tennis balls. Everything is working except for the ball recognition. All the PC software has to do is get the x,y coordinates of a yellow blob, and then send the appropriate signal to the COM port (we have 4 values that are sent to the comport to be interpreted by a pic micro and translated into "move forward" "move backward" "turn left" "turn right")

Blob Tracking on a Windows Based System

I was just wondering if anyone had experience with basic blob tracking on a windows system.

Robotics Studio/Visual programming language has a blob tracker service, but I haven't found any info on how to implement it..

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Basic Triagulation Positioning System

3 Friends and I are building an autonomous tennis ball collecting robot for a 4th year design project for our undergrad.

We need a way for the robot to keep track of its position on the tennis court (in doors) and we are thinking of using 2 beacons to emit signals with a receiver on the robot. Has anybody done something like this before? Has anyone heard of pre-packaged solutions that do just this? A USB module would be ideal (we are using a netbook to control the robot), but we are not at all opposed to building the positioning system from scratch.