Let's Make Robots!
Moves a DSLR camera on a track and controls the camera. It is used for capturing time lapses with camera motion.
 Lots of love to the LMR community from Finland!   Introduction: (Skip this if you dont have time to read general bullsh*t) Read more

What to do with the big motor driver?

2.9.2010, past midnight

Lots of Ideas have been flying trough my mind since I got the motor driver ready.


I am now thinking of making something like this, only a bit bigger.

Help me connect Xbee to Picaxe!

OK, so I’m going to make a remote control to my next robot. I want to connect a picaxe 28x1 to a Xbee and I have ben trying to find
some good examples but with limited success.

As the Picaxe operates at 5V, whilst the Xbee operates at 3.3V I understand that the signal from the picaxe has to be regulated. (not just the input voltage to drive the device).
Of Cause I could run both the picaxe and the Xbee at 3.3V, but that would just screw with everything else I'm gonna connect to it.

Run 2 Motors, Fwd and Rev with PWM
I found this site for almost a year ago and I must say it is incredible! Full of useful information and creative, helpful people! When I saw Chris the Carpenter … Read more
***As demanded I added a code example of his code. It is really messy and has comments in swedish, finnish and english. As my laptop broke down on me, this is a … Read more
Triggers a camera flash when a sound occurs. The divice is used for taking high speed images.
Photography is one of my many interests. I bought my first DSLR 12 months ago, and have experimented with it a lot. I came across some nice high speed pictures and … Read more

Can't get sound detecting circuit to work with picaxe 28x1

Greetings from Finland

I am trying to build this sound detecting circuit from picaxes homepage to use with a picaxe 28x1. ( http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_sound.pdf )











SRF005 blinking all the time?

I am using a Picaxe 28x1 board and I have connected a SRF05 as shown here.

http://letsmakerobots.com/node/66 .

 My problem is that the little Red LED on the SRF-005 is blinking constantly as soon as i tell my motors to go any direction. 

I have tried to force the port 3 low before and after the commands that makes my motors turn, but it makes no difference.


Is this a common problem? Have anybody else experienced anything similar? 

Any input is appreciated.

Using Frisls "Clean navigation" with a Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor?

Greetings from Finland.

1) Is it possible to use frisls "clean navigation"- code with a sharp GP2D120 IR sensor? I know after looking at his code that the distanse readings are backwards (on a sharp closer distanses are greater), but if I changed them would I be able to use his brilliant code as a base? 

2) what is the differenses on SRF05 and sharp GP2D120 other than one is a
ultra sonic and the other is a infrared.Idon't meen number of conections but speed as in using themto almost constantly return the range