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Help me connect Xbee to Picaxe!

OK, so I’m going to make a remote control to my next robot. I want to connect a picaxe 28x1 to a Xbee and I have ben trying to find
some good examples but with limited success.

As the Picaxe operates at 5V, whilst the Xbee operates at 3.3V I understand that the signal from the picaxe has to be regulated. (not just the input voltage to drive the device).
Of Cause I could run both the picaxe and the Xbee at 3.3V, but that would just screw with everything else I'm gonna connect to it.

Can't get sound detecting circuit to work with picaxe 28x1

Greetings from Finland

I am trying to build this sound detecting circuit from picaxes homepage to use with a picaxe 28x1. ( http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_sound.pdf )











SRF005 blinking all the time?

I am using a Picaxe 28x1 board and I have connected a SRF05 as shown here.

http://letsmakerobots.com/node/66 .

 My problem is that the little Red LED on the SRF-005 is blinking constantly as soon as i tell my motors to go any direction. 

I have tried to force the port 3 low before and after the commands that makes my motors turn, but it makes no difference.


Is this a common problem? Have anybody else experienced anything similar? 

Any input is appreciated.

Using Frisls "Clean navigation" with a Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor?

Greetings from Finland.

1) Is it possible to use frisls "clean navigation"- code with a sharp GP2D120 IR sensor? I know after looking at his code that the distanse readings are backwards (on a sharp closer distanses are greater), but if I changed them would I be able to use his brilliant code as a base? 

2) what is the differenses on SRF05 and sharp GP2D120 other than one is a
ultra sonic and the other is a infrared.Idon't meen number of conections but speed as in using themto almost constantly return the range