Let's Make Robots!

LMR Downtime

LMR will be down for a software update tonight about 10pm PST (GMT-8). No big changes, just some core updates. Expected downtime is 30 minutes or less.

edit = To clarify, 2011-02-09 2200 PST (if I did timezone math correctly that's 2011-02-10 0600 GMT)

LMR-III Now Online!

As you can see, LMR is back up and now at version 3!

No, your eyes did not deceive you, that was Zanthess' avatar you saw everywhere. This release includes a new attempt at thwarting spammers by adding a small quiz to the user registration form. Since this was Zanthess' idea the avatars where temporary and in her honor.

LMR Downtime - fair warning

LMR will be down for an update tonight at approximately 9pm, PDT (2100 GMT -7). Downtime should be an hour or less.

LMR-IIa Updates

Just a quick post to let you all know the few features that have been added with the IIa sub-upgrade.

The feeds listed on RSS feeds now work again

 blip.tv videos should now embed the correct video

 The User Map is now capable of showing only the user specified. In other words, when you click Location: San Bernardino, CA, US in my user page you'll only get me on the map, and it won't take 20 minutes to load!

LMR Planned Downtime

LMR will be down Wednesday 11 Nov. 2009 at 9pm PST (Pacific Standard Time, GMT -8) for some updates. Expected downtime is about half an hour.

Yes, this has been changed already ;) Due to the

Mr. Basic Challenge 2 ( autumn 2009)

challenge ending tonight, I don't want to mess up anybody's contest entry.


Interesting YDM sound clip found in the wild

Okay, so I'm looking at various videos for the wowwee Joebot today, and came across this one.

 Give it a good listen from about 0:09 to 0:15. Sound familiar?

LMR's search engine

As everyone here is well aware the LMR search engine is fu^H^H broken. I am working on figuring out a replacement that works with what we already use, (PHP, MySQL) doesn't require me learning another langauge (Java), and could actually be suited to providing additional functionality (faceted search of components). Fun stuff, and it is my main LMR priority right now. That doesn't help you guys much though, so I figured I'd make a post about other workable options in the meantime.

LMR Bot Communication Protocol*

My xmos project proposal included (rather, was refined to include) a communications library to make it easier for the robots to share map data. Then BOA mentioned a communication protocol to allow different peoples' robots to communicate as well. That is a pretty damn good idea, so here's a forum topic to discuss and finalize said protocol.

High Byte, Low Byte, which is which in Arduino

Okay, so I've got a question about how Arduino considers High and Low bytes. By way of example, here's how I thought it worked;

0x00FF == 255, High Byte is 0x00, Low byte is 0xFF
0x0100 == 256, High Byte is 0x01, Low byte is 0x00

Other electronics (not necessarily robotic)

A place for the discussion TofuRobot brought up regarding other electronic projects. Instead of being lost to the shoutbox nether regions,here's a screenshot of the beginning.


Personally, I think tip/walkthrough would be the right place for stuff that can also apply to robotics. Non-robotics (like the carduino example) would go in a blog.