Let's Make Robots!

PICAXE editor

I put this into the PICAXE programming editor

servo 0,150
wait 2
servo 0,225
wait 1
goto main

then I hit F5. A window comes up, downloads the program, and says "Download was successful! Firmware version A.6, Memory used = 18 bytes out of 4096." But nothing happens. I unhooked the sero and when I hooked it back in, it slightly jerked. I did this about 4 times until it stopped doing it. Now nothing happens. Is this something wrong with the electronics? 

Hooking up the sensor for Start Robot

Note, this description is vague, but I'm trying to describe what I'm asking the best I can.

Battery pack connector

One of the wires that connect the battery pack to my microcontroller, that go in slots labelled V and G, disconnected from the microcontroller. Does that mean I have to solder it back on? Is there another option?

Start robot pins

I really hate to ask this question, but what pins do you need to put onto the microcontroller to connect the servo and sensor? I ordered some online that I thought were correct, but they do not fit. I tried going to my local Radioshack to get more, but they sold zero pins. I'm going to order more online, but I would like to ask first to make sure I'm getting the correct items this time.

Start robot, hooking up sensor

The cables that came with my sensor (Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor) are black, red, and white. But when you connect it on the start tutorial, it looks like you're connecting the cables through a black thing (sorry for my lack of electric vocab) that was used with a/the servo. My cables do not have this. They just...end. So how do I connect these to the microcontroller?

Servo question

I'm attempting to put together the Start robot as my pieces come in the mail. I got my servo today, but the "you can get this here" link doesn't for me. So I got a different one from Sparkfun. In the Start robot pictures, it shows the servo with a full circle above it. The parts (3 different parts) that came with mine are not circular. There is one that looks like a cross, but the small horizontal lines are in the middle. Another that is just a 180 degree line. And another that is a line starting at the middle (like a line modelling a radius). I'm confused about how to set this up.