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Advice on these Chinese DC - DC converters?

SO, I got a couple of these 80w DC - DC buck converters to supply power to Houston.  One is going to be the 5 volt supply for the servos, the other is going to be a 7.2 volt supply for the Rover 5.  Last night I got a motor out and adjusted them to the proper voltages.

The thing that's got me confused is the "constant current" part.  There are two multiturn pot type adjustments.  When I ran the motor, it pulled about 350ma turning the current pot didn't seem to change anything.

In circuit charging of NIMH pack

I'll be putting together a 14.4v 5ah battery pack out of 12 solder tabbed C cells.  The raw voltage will be fed into a 100w step up DC-DC converter to supply 18v to a single board computer, and also to two

Critique my power system--Please!

Edit.  I got into a discussion with Chris the Carpenter about pricing and alternate parts sources, and found an interesting item on Ebay that should work out.  See the bottom of my post for more.

I'm in the planning and parts procurement stage of a relatively (for me at least) complicated robot project.

RF shielding

The encoder wires on my Rover 5 seem a little short.  The ground wire seems to be a shield around the other three conductors.  Also, I notice that the pin groupings on my 4 channel motor controller have a ground.  Makes me think a little.

So Oddbot. . .

As I sit here with a tricked out Rover 5, a 4channel motor controller and a Mega 2650, it occurs to me just how much I'm asking of a poor little, (well, for an Atmel--Maybe not so little.) microcontroller.

And so I wonder. . .Have you given any thought to a "Spider Due?"

Apologies if I've inadvertantly stumbled into the Dagu vault of secrets.

question about redback spider Solved (I think)

Edit--I found wildbananas diagram and finally saw the "ref" pin.  Also, since the 10 servo taps  and four motor controller current sense channels will likely be the only analog signals I'll need to monitor, the Red Back Spider should be a good fit for this project.

Saying "Goodbye" to an old friend. (Dead robot)

Today, I looked around my workspace, and decided to retire a long defunct project.

Rover 5 backordered.

My Rover 5 is backordered from robotshop.com.  Won't ship until after the 20th.

Oh well.  At least I can start experimenting with the motor controller board.

Question for Rover 5 users about alternate wheel options.

SO, having completed my holiday obligations, it's time for a little present from me TO me.  I've been collecting assorted parts, and experimenting with Arduino code and have decided that pretty much everything I want to do with a robot base can be most efficiently, cost-effectively accomplished with a Rover 5, and it's at the top of my "Been a good boy" list.

The only thing I don't like about it is those rubber treads that seem to keep falling off.  And since it's my intention to get the Rover 5 with 4 motors and encoders, I've decided to go with independent wheels.