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Movable head without pulling wires

I'm working on a small form factor turret with a movable head.  The design has a camera (w/ raspberry pi) on a spherical mount that can rotate altitude and azimuth directions.  Unfortunately, since its a turret, it must be able to twist infinitely without getting its wires tangled.  Any ideas?  I've been thinking about a laser based system, but I seriously doubt that that is going to be able to transfer enough data to stream video.  Anyone have a simple suggestion that hopefully keeps everything hard-wired?  

Flyback Transformer Driver

I took a flyback transformer from a crt monitor and built the driver here - http://tacashi.tripod.com/elctrncs/555sstc/555sstc.htm

Arduino to Nintendo DS

Is there any way to connect an arduino to a nintendo ds. not just the touch screen, but to use the display and buttons, too.

RF link

Hello, I recently purchased an RF Link 434 mhz transmitter and receiver from sparkfun as well as an ftdi basic 5v breakout. I hooked up a transmitter to an arduino board and the reciever to the breakout but for some reason I didn't get a signal to the breakout.  Why?





I've been building my first robot, and have been looking for a way to make it more power efficient.

When hooked up to a power supply lower than 12V 8AA, the Arduino's power LED turns dim at every once and awhile, and the servos turn on and off continually, when they're not supposed to.  It works fine with 8AA.

I also measure the input current.  It was about 1A, which seems like way too much.

I've looked at the robots here on LMR and their are some that can power twice as much as I have hooked up to my arduino when connected to 4AA

3pi robot from Pololu

Hi, I just bought a 3pi robot from pololu.  So, the first thing I did was load up a program from the arduino enviorment to see how it worked.  Unfortunately, I could not understand how the sensors worked.  So I tried downloading the Libraries for it and hated them.  They were so complicated that they took up too much time to run on the 3pi.  So, Does anyone know of a sample code for the 3pi, preferably using the anologRead function, that does not use the 3pi libraries?


I recently bought a pololu 3pi robot and tried programming it with a USB Programmer, but couldn't get it to work with Arduino.  Does anyone know how.  Its this -> http://www.makershed.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=MKPO2

Stupid / Beginning Questions

I'm somewhat new to arduino and finally found out about libraries.  Unfortunately I have looked for instructions on how to create one and how to upload an existing library.  So if someone could give me step-by-step instructions on how to get this library i have here sitting on my desktop to something i can use in code. (please dummy-down the instructions).

It would also be helpful if someone could provide me with a small sample code for a robot that uses Ping)))