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anybody tell the differance between phototransistor and a photodarlington

qrd1114&qrb1114 phototransistors

trying to build line follower anybody tell me if the 2 sensors can be interchanged trying with the qrb and having trouble getting the motor to shut off ir will emitt and motor will run. will buyqrd if have to but will like to use ones i have

   thanks for any help



anybody got any qrd1114 sensors they want to get rid of i need 2 but will take more .need them fast

brainless line follower

im trying to build the brainless line follower posted on this site having trouble getting circuit off the ground anybody got any tips orhelp . I am a beginner in robotics and electronics and all this is till confusing to me so any help would be appeciated.

qrb 1114

anybody tell me where to get a schematic for this sensor or tell what each pin is

line follower

want to build my first bot and it wil be line followwer looking for the simplist and cheapest to help me start to understand electronics any suggestions