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big problem setting comperator and PWM up in pic16F884

Hi, i got a very big problem with setting up both the comparator function and the PWM function in a PIC16F884.

I am writing the code in Aseambler.

Also got a big problem with a LM324, i am using it as a comparator, as my software knowledge isent good, but the problem is when it is high, i can only get about 3.8V on 1 of its outputs, any1 know why it dosent give 4.5-5V out? I am feeding it +5V

LMR mr basic motor controller question

Hi, just wanted to ask if any have used this motor controller with any kind of micro controller?


Just wanted to know how much Amp the motors draw when you start up, can it be used with only 3 AA batteries, or do you need a ekstra powersupply for your main circuit?

using PIC16F628


Just want to hear if any of you have tried to work with PWM using a PIC16F628.

Not sure how to set it up, i am writing the code in aseambler.

Hope, that some of you can get me on the right direction.


crash question

how do you awoid that your robot drive over the cleff, or down the stairs?

Cant find any solution, as it have to know that the edge is there in time to either stop, or drive around it. And right now i cant see any way that ultrasonic, IR or any other sensor that can detect that kind of ting from a distance.

Any1 know how to solve this?

IR puls modulation reciver

Now i have been looking after some info about when you are making a IR obstracle sensor. Is it realy that important with modulation if it is used indoors? And if it is, how do you get it to work, with modulation?

Most people that have made someting with modulation, dosent describe how you make the reciver modulate, or how you proces the data.

I can easily get the sender to modulate, but my question is, how do i get my reciver to modulate, and how do i proces the data.

IR puls modulation problem

Any1 know how you measure the puls on an IR range detector, when using a modulation?

How do i know where on the puls the A/D converter, convert the DC puls. As the voltage will fluxtate from 0V-5V, so how do i make sure the A/D convertion happens every time on the top of the puls?

how a sonar range detector works?


I have now been working with a IR range detector. But i have tried to find some information on how a sonar work, as some of my firends said that it will be better to use.

Any1 know how a sonar for obstracle/range detection work?

Tank chassie, pull apart


Just brought this tank, so just wanna hear if any1 have tried to pull it apart. As to begin with i only need the bottom of it, the tracks and the engiers.

It is a RC tank, and is about 80cm long. And the cannon can fire BB bullets.


 'Hope that there is some one out there, that can help me. Thanks.



School project tank robot


To finish my education i have decided to make a tank robot as my project. But i cant afford it to cost to much, as i am not sure how much time i will use on it when i am done. And if i decide to spend more time on my robot, i realy want it to be able to drive around outside. (more fun)

First problem i have runed into is, damm tracked based chassis cost alot. And most of them can only be used indoors. Any1 know some good cheap track based chassis that dont cost to much? And some motors/gearbox.